Barefoot Aqua Sports


Stand Up Paddle Boarding

A new celebrity fad, Paddle Boarding, has taken the water sports world by storm. The combination of balancing and paddling is excellent for building core-body strength and improving arm and leg muscles. It is also great for fast-twitch muscles (crucial for balance and reaction time). Fans claim that just 30 minutes will work your body much harder than the several hours of surfing, while the upright views of the shallow coves and creeks you can paddle through are an added bonus.

Rental Rates

Only available for half day or more

Half day rental $40

Full day rental $60

**Prices are per Kayak/Paddleboard**

Weekly rental for 2 kayaks or 2 paddle boards $325

*All rates plus sales tax.

*Rates subject to change.

*Holiday rates may apply.

Life Jackets and Instructions are Included with all rentals