Aquaflyer Group Rates

Bring as many people as you want to try out the Aquaflyer.

Get a group of friends to pitch in and make this an affordable sport and experience something like never before. 

4 hr group rate - $699   
8 hr group rate - $1,199 

This is a great opportunity for a bachelor/bachelorette party, a corporate event, birthday parties or even just a good time with friends & relatives. 

Barefoot Aqua Sports

Individual Aquaflyer Packages

Jetlev Flight Experience (25 min Flight) - $199

This is our recommended package where you will receive a full 25 minutes of flight time. A Certified Flight Instructor will teach you the basic maneuvers including elevation control with the option to try some advanced thrills like walking on water and no-handed flying. Most first-time pilots can learn the fundamentals in the first 5-10 minutes allowing plenty of time to personalize your Jetlev experience.

All New Flight Experience (15 min Flight) - $159

This package allows you to experience the basics of personal flight, receiving the same instruction as the other packages with a slightly shorter flight time.

Ultimate Flight Experience (50 min Flight) - $359

Taking things to the next level for the ultimate adventurer, this package will give you a total of 50 minutes flight time which can be taken in two segments if you prefer. You will receive all the same instruction with a full 50 minutes to get familiar with the basics and plenty of time to try advanced maneuvers and push yourself to new heights. We will offer advance instructions to teach you how to execute doughnut turns, low-to-mid level hovers and even helicopter spins. This will be an experience you will never forget!


Water Jet Pack - Minnesota's Best Flight Experience!

Serving Lake Minnetonka, the St. Croix River Valley & the Alexandria Chain of Lakes

The Aquaflyer jetpack system is the next generation of extreme water sports! Enjoy a jetpack adventure with Barefoot Aqua Sport offering flight experience packages ranging from 15 to 50 minutes of flight time depending on the package you purchase. Our Certified Flight Instructors will coach you through your flight from start to finish, making the Aquaflyer easy to use and giving a fun, safe and memorable flight experience.

This water powered jet pack can bring you 30 feet in the air!